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Overdraft Privilege Information Image

Overdraft Privilege Information

Have You Ever...

  • Made a mistake in you checkbook?

  • Forgotten to record a deposit? A Purchase? A withdrawal? A check order?

  • Had to "guess" at what transactions a joint owner has made?

  • Had a Transaction denied or turned down at checkout?

  • Had the Embarrassment and expense of a returned check?

We cannot promise or guarantee these things will never happen, but what we can do is consider ODP!

ODP Can Mean:


  • You may avoid high charges from merchants for returned checks

  • You may avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of denied purchases and dishonored checks

  • Payment of your occasional and inadvertent overdrafts up to your assigned ODP Limit of $800 will normally be considered. This limit includes our customary fees set out below. Our fees will be added to any outstanding overdrafts you may have and will be applied against your ODP Limit.

If you have questions concerning the ODP Service, please contact a Customer Service Representative at (618) 662-4441.

You Deserve Consideration:


Rather than automatically returning unpaid all insufficient funds items that you may have, we will consider, without obligation on our part, payment of your reasonable overdrafts up to your assigned ODP Limit.

You do not have to apply for this service and you do not need to sign any additional documents for the service. It is already a part of your Checking Account Agreement with us. With some exceptions, most of our checking account types are eligible for this service. See “Ineligible Accounts”, “Eligible Account Types”, and “Eligible Transaction Types” that may cause or create overdrafts using your ODP in the Service Policy

If you do not use the ODP Service, it costs you nothing. “Use” means you initiate an insufficient funds transaction. If you do use the ODP Service, you will be charged our customary fees.

What you need to know about overdrafts and overdraft fees1

1- May need to download Adobe Reader to view document

Disclosures Regarding ODP:


We may approve certain transactions that overdraw your account.

  1. An overdraft fee of $31.97 may be charged for each transaction that overdraws your account.
  2. The categories or types of transactions that may overdraw your account include payments, purchases, and transfers.
  3. Whether your overdrafts will be paid or not is at our sole discretion and we reserve the right not to pay. For example, we typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing or if you have too many overdrafts.
  4. We reserve the right to require you to repay your overdrafts immediately or on demand.


Have you noticed a difference between your current balance and your available balance when checking your accounts online?


Current Balance - Is the amount of money that is actually in your account. This does not reflect outstanding checks, uncollected funds, ATM/debit items, withdrawals, or unposted deposits.

Available Balance - Is your current balance, plus any amount available to you with **Overdraft Privilege Service** if applicable.

**Overdraft Privilege Service** is a discretionary service or Customer courtesy that may be withdrawn or withheld by the Bank at any time, without prior notice or reason or cause.

**Fees May Apply**

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